Studio Mino - Mineral Cosmetics

100% mineral and vegan makeup

Studio Mino Mineral Cosmetics is a Belgian makeup line made of pure minerals exclusively for the beauty salon, created by Barbara Vandenbunder, director of Studio Puur.

With Studio Mino, you can offer clients who value the environment and sustainability a brand-new makeup line.

Studio Mino is vegan and cruelty free, 100% natural (with the exception of the mascara, which is 99% natural), safe, mineral-based and free of toxins.

These days, minimalism is a trend that many of us live by: less is more!

This is why I wanted the Studio Mino line to contain as few ingredients as possible, to be easy to apply and to use minimal packaging.

The name “Mino” refers to that very minimalism, and also to the minerals in the makeup products.

Barbara has created five makeup looks based on the five elements and the elemental archetypes of Fashion Feng Shui®. Fashion Feng Shui is a wellness practice that uses elemental wisdom to help you discover your Essential Way of Being. Along the way, you learn to wear clothes that flatter your appearance and honor who you are. For more information, please visit Fashion Feng Shui International or the Create Closet Harmony campaign.

Barbara has translated the 5 elements to 5 makeup looks that reflect your authentic personality.
You can book a Fashion Feng Shui consultation with Barbara to discover your archetype.

Are you curious? You can take the make-up look test here!

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