5 makeup looks

Barbara has created 5 make-up looks based on the 5 elements and the archetypes of Fashion Feng Shui. Fashion Feng Shui© goes in search of your authentic personality through the 5 elements. Your unique personality is translated into the clothing style that suits you, that nourishes your soul and that strengthens you.


The Miracle Morning (Wood - The Crusader)

The kind of look that allows you to get up and go.
The morning is your favorite time of day.
You can get so much done while others are still getting going!
Your signature style is ACTIVE.
Your makeup has to be light, minimalistic and easy to apply.

Sunday Afternoon Tea (Earth - The Caregiver)

A look to enjoy your Sunday afternoon with your family or friends.
You crave warmth, coziness, tradition and simplicity.
Your signature style is BASIC.
Your makeup should be down-to-earth and understated.

Afterwork Cocktail (Metal - The Connoisseur)

The ideal look to enjoy a refreshing drink in the city with your clients or business associates after a busy day at the office.
Your signature style is ELEGANT.
You aim for perfection, so you require that your makeup looks refined.

Midnight Secrets (Water - The Contemplator)

The look to go out and enjoy the night, with all its dark colors and mysteries.
Your signature style is CREATIVE.
You follow your own path in life, so your makeup has to be different and unique.

Weekend Party Queen (Fire - The Captivator)

The look that’s sure to get you noticed.
You love a party and being at the center of fun and excitement.
Your signature style is DRAMATIC.
You crave the spotlight, so your makeup should draw people to you.

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