Studio Puur

Studio Puur is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux of various brands of skin care for beauty professionals. Studio Mino is our own mineral makeup range. All our brands have one thing in common: they are 100% natural (with the exception of the nail polish and mascara) and as organic as possible.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver authentic, truly pure beauty products that are healthy for our skin, body and planet. We strive for optimal results in our treatments, and pure products that work and do what they promise! Our main skincare brand, organicspa, comes from Australia, a beautiful continent where leading a natural life comes first.

Our vision

It’s my personal conviction that we all have to start living more naturally, and this also applies to cosmetics. When 60% of everything you apply to your skin enters your body, working with all-natural ingredients is of paramount importance.

Yours truly,

Studio Puur

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