About Barbara

Barbara Vandenbunder, manager studio puur

The power of people

I firmly believe in human potential. People are capable of great achievements. For me, personal development and personal happiness go hand in hand. To take full advantage of your potential, you need good health and a certain level of self-confidence.

No wonder that these two things happen to be my inspiration for Studio Puur. My passion is making people more beautiful and boosting their self-esteem in doing so. Do you too feel better and more confident when you take good care of yourself and when you look your absolute best?

Your health, your most important tool

Having a good health is something that for a large part lies within our control. That is why prevention is so important. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent many diseases. Being beautiful should not be at the expense of your health.

Quite a lot of harmful substances are added to most daily care products. Those toxins enter our bodies day after day. We are slowly making our own body sick without being aware of it.

The body is our most important tool. When we are sick, the world suddenly looks different; our possibilities are limited. That is why I think it is so important to cherish and care for your body during your whole life.

Why is this so important to me?

Health is a topic that is very close to my heart. After losing my dad, this feeling became even stronger. I started to sense that things were no longer right in our society; so much sickness and suffering around me has made me more aware.

When I was diagnosed with early gestational diabetes while pregnant of my youngest daughter, I drastically changed my diet and that of my family. I took up yoga and focused on deciphering cosmetics labels. Not one single product in my cabinet survived the test. The products I deemed okay to use, I found in Australia. I thought the products were so incredibly good and pure that I decided to import them.
Although I am a rather introvert person by nature, I now want to make full use of my voice to spread my healthy message.

I love purity and authenticity in people, in my relationships, in my diet, my environment and I want to extend that view to my skin care and makeup.

How many chemicals do you consume each year?

The average woman gets no less than 2kg of chemicalsin her body each yearthrough skin care and cosmetics. My mission is to convince all women to use healthy cosmetics. Cosmetics that are 100% natural and biologically certified.

Nowadays, greenwashing is hot in the beauty industry. Products are labelled as green and natural, but a closer look at the list of ingredients shows that they are not that safe and healthy at all.
Studio Puur hits the market with authentic, “genuinely” natural and healthy products that do not contain one harmful ingredient. 100% natural products that are organic certified for at least 70% of the ingredients.

Conscious beauty therapist

I like to close partnerships with conscious beauty therapists. Beauty professionals who care about results, but also about the health of their clients. Beauty therapists with a critical eye who look for a product that is fully in line with who they are. They opt for expertise, top quality, purity, personal contact and support. They are ambitious, chase growth and realize that the time has come for a new category of products; genuine, pure, honest and healthy products that do what they promise.

Time for change

Do you too feel that the time has come for a change? Do you too feel that consumers are becoming much more aware and choose natural products, not only in terms of food but in all areas? Are you tired of worrying about clients who get skin reactions to your products? Would you like to work with a product that you can fully support? A product that sells itself because it fully supports you?

Together we turn your beauty company into a success story and we make the world a bit more beautiful.

As a marketeer, beauty therapist, makeup artist and colour and style expert, I can rely on over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. As an entrepreneur, I am glad to contribute in the development of your company.

Beauty is my passion, nature is my drive.

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