Studio Mino Gold & Green Collection

Studio Mino Gold & Green Collection

With the holidays ahead, Studio Mino is launching a seasonal collection:

Gold & Green Collection

This collection is based on green tones and gold, completely in line with the makeup trends for fall and winter 2019.

The collection was created by Barbara Vandenbunder.

“Coincidence or not, green is one of my favorite colors. I think it's a very versatile color that is not worn enough. Wearing green means walking your own path and doing what your heart desires. Perhaps that is why the color is not yet embraced by everyone.

The dark green matte eyeliner, Forest, is my absolute favorite of the collection. He gives so much intensity to the eyes in a very subtle way.

I think gold & dark green is a match made in heaven. Blissfully warm as a combination during the dark, cold winter season.

The collection consists of two makeup looks:

Urban green is a very accessible, natural makeup look for every day. In an instant you can change that look to Boho Elegance, an elegant evening makeup inspired by the Bohemian style, which is feminine, but also a bit wild and free. "

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